Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Wrap Sheet goes on hiatus

After fifteen episodes, The Wrap Sheet podcast is going on hiatus. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for listening so far. We'll have more information on our return to broadcasting soon on the blog. But in the meantime you can follow Sam, Rich and Vlad and of course The Wrap Sheet on twitter, connect with us on Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed here.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Episode 15: Bumper free

As promised this week we bounded about the week's news with none-other than Download Squad's Sebastian Anthony, another plucky Brit to keep the wheels of The Wrap Sheet on the road. Having gone with a guaranteed Apple free show last week, the Cupertino-based company just couldn't stay out of the limelight, holding a special press event just for the iPhone 4's antenna announcing a fix in the form of free cases. Microsoft got in on the mobile news this week too, with a bit of Windows Phone 7 action in the form of developer tools; whilst Google took things one step further with the Android App Inventor. And finally we round out our show with Sony's DLSR-lens sporting camcorder, the NEX-VG10, which some of us were lucky enough to have had a play with.

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Rundown (44:00)
00:00 Apple replies to iPhone 4 antenna problems with a press conference
18:24 Microsoft unleashes Windows Phone 7 developer tools, whilst Google showed off it's Android App Inventor
30:40 Sony shows off it's camcorder-come-DSLR

Friday, 16 July 2010

Sebastian Anthony joining The Wrap Sheet as special guest this week

We're pleased to announce that Download Squad's Editor extraordinaire, Sebastian Anthony, is joining us this week to thrash out the news and bring you new insights from the world of Tech. As a blogger by trade and a keen photographer, traveller and gamer, he should bring new insights into the fairly insular world of tech, and so we're very pleased to have him on board. We've got a lot to talk about this week, so keep your RSS reader of choice primed and ready for our return to our usual time spot on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Episode 14: 4k reasons to go to the cinema

It's a bit rough and ready this week as we struggled against the bandwidth restrictions of our ISPs, but if you don't like Apples in your tech salad, we dedicate this episode to you. On today's show, we dispense with our regular yacking about the Great Bitten One and turn our palates to new flavours. Our starter is made from 4K projectors, which we're hearing are the next big thing to entice people out of their home cinemas and back into the ticketed emporiums, sprinkled with 3D for extra spice. For the main course, we have the latest delicacy to come out of The Pirate Bay, whilst we finish off with the crowd favourite Froyo for dessert.

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Rundown (49:20)
00:00 Sony shows off 4K 3D with Toy Story 3
20:30 The Pirate Party announces it'll host The Pirate Bay from the Swedish Parliament if elected
36:41 Android 2.2 'Froyo' makes its way onto UK devices

And for those who are interested, here's a 4K YouTube video for you all to try.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Episode 13: StinKin awful

After a solid week with our iPhone 4s we cross examine the signal issue, look at Apple's pitiful response from a PR perspective with the help of our good friend Lauren McGregor, and analyse the iPhone alternatives, concluding that, for the most part, we wouldn't trade in our iPhones despite its various issues. The Kin is dead, long live the Kinect? Microsoft's Kin brand of devices return from their 'epic' journey across the United States an abject failure; so bad in fact that Microsoft has pulled the plug after only two months. It was an interesting idea, although we never got our hands on it this side of the pond, but perhaps it was three to four years behind the curve. SideKick is soon to join its spiritual successor in the gadget graveyard, but if you're a SideKick lover, take heed, the brand may rise again in Android form. The Emblaze First Else, much to our collective dismay, also kicked the proverbial bucket, joining the long list of vapourware products that promised so much, yet never delivered. All is not lost however, as there's potential for that unique UI to find its way onto other devices. LG? Samsung? Are you interested?

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Rundown (50:37)
00:00 A week with the iPhone 4
03:19 Apple's open letter to consumers
10:10 iPhone alternatives
14:40 Microsoft Kin goes the way of the Dodo - the SideKick soon to join it
24:50 Windows Phone 7 coming soon
34:42 Emblaze First Else vaporised to our dismay

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lauren McGregor joining The Wrap Sheet as special guest this week

You never thought this would happen, but we're indeed getting a female guest on The Wrap Sheet! Meet Lauren McGregor, a lovely tech PR for Hotwire and also a blogger over at TechTelGirl (head over now to see her interview with us at the iPhone 4 launch), although we can't quite figure out her fascination with elvish ears. Anyway, this weekend's podcast with our second-ever guest (and first lady guest, of course) will sure be an interesting one -- do keep an eye out for Vlad's advances.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Episode 12: Bumper to Bumper

Now that we've got Apple's latest hotness in our hands, we delve deep into our personal impressions and experience of the iPhone 4. Discussing both its weaknesses and its charms, we pass our final weekend verdict on what could be Apple's biggest launch to date. We also talk about our overnight queuing experience at Apple's flagship UK store on London's Regent Street, complete with entertaining passers-by, queue jumpers and serial queuers.

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Rundown (48:57)
00:00 iPhone 4 - the negatives
18:24 iPhone 4 - the positives
36:43 iPhone 4 - the queuing experience

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Episode 11

Although not strictly tech, there was a lot of news spewing out of gaming's equivalent of CES, E3, this year and as promised last week it revolved around 3D and motion gaming. Microsoft hit us early on with Kinect, it's product name for Project Natal, plus the new Xbox 360, the console they should have released at the launch of the 360 some years ago. It's smaller, quieter and without the ability to RROD (Red Ring Of Death) because it's lost its ring of lights. Sony also came in with a one-two punch with PlayStation Move, its stab at the motion gaming market and PSN Plus, it's premium online gaming network, though it's yet to show us a convincing reason to pay for the $49 per annum service. Last but not least, Nintendo unveiled their latest pocket friendly console, the 3DS to the world and if hardened tech journalist's faces were anything to go by, then Nintendo have something impressive to put in your hands. At least we know it'll continue the 'it prints money' mentality as Nintendo's stock price took a sharp rise on the 3DS's announcement.

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Rundown (51:23)
00:00 Microsoft Kinect with the new Xbox 360 unveiled
21:40 PlayStation Move and Plus shown off
35:33 Nintendo 3DS unveiled

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Episode Ten

A little known fruit-flavoured company showed off their latest phone this week at WWDC, so we thought it would only be right to dissect the details and discuss the pros and cons of the iPhone 4. iOS4 will be landing as a free update for those iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch wielders, so do you really need to fork out for the new shiny-shiny when your 3GS will basically do it all? We've also got bad news regarding price plans for the heralded 4th coming of the Jesus Phone in the UK, as it looks like they're both going to be expensive and restrictive. Finally Apple saw fit to bestow the iPhone 4 with a 3-axis gyro just like the Wii Motion Plus, effectively resulting in 6-axis motion sensing. With E3 due to start this coming week, does this make a positive forward step for Apple further into the gaming market? We'll have all the 'motion nonsense' and 3D tomfoolery that will be E3 next week, but till then we've got something a little bit special right at the end of the podcast so make sure you listen past the outro.

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Rundown (1:07:18)
00:00 iPhone 4 announced - previewed
23:00 iPhone 4 glass test discussed
28:54 Compared to the competition: Dell Streak and Evo 4G
31:50 Switching off the reality distortion field: iPhone 4 cons
39:07 Contact syncing on the iPhone - Google Sync
43:56 Is 3.5" just too small?
47:10 Is the iPhone 4's biggest downside the iPhone 3GS?
47:50 iOS4 update for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch is coming
49:28 iPhone 3G iOS4GM install and jailbreak how-to
50:45 Price plans for the iPhone 4 starting to trickle out
53:20 Streaming World Cup games over 3G - 3.2MB per minute. 288MB for 90mins of football; Full coverage of game 90mins football plus 15 mins half-time totals to 336MB.
59:35 iPhone 4 packs a 3-axis gyro
60:28 Is the iPhone going to threaten the big gaming players and will they entrench on E3?
65:12 E3 preview

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Episode Nine

Cellular data plans are getting more and more restrictive with tighter bandwidth caps as network providers, both in the UK and the US, forecast increasing costs on their side of our 24/7 connected lifestyles. But cellular data usage isn't likely to decrease as we forge ahead with more and more rich media services jumping on the mobile broadband bandwagon. As Vlad reveals some Earth-shattering news, we talk about network provider options for smartphone and internet device data plans in the UK, how to get the World Cup on the go and what impact that might have on your mobile data allowance. Tablets also crop up as Computex 2010 comes to a close this week, and we couldn't let a little known event from everyone's favourite fruit-flavoured company go without at least a small mention.

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Rundown (51:21)
00:00 Cellular Data is getting more restricted in the US
17:55 Mobile streaming coming from ITV and available at
26:39 Computex 2010 has a full showing of tablets
37:36 WWDC 2010 preview